Secondary Sample Belt Feeder

Our model WJS swing samplers are incorporated onto our belt feeders. Like our Nine-Iron primary swing sampler, the WJS swing sampler extracts a sample directly from our moving belt feeder. Models are available for our 14”, 18”, and 24” wide belt feeders. WJS swing samplers are available with single or double discharge (reversible) cutters.

How It Works:

In its normal park position, over our moving feeder belt, the stainless steel cutter rests. When activated, the gear reduced electro-mechanical drive rotates the cutter through its 360 degree swing in a perfect circle, extracting a cross sectional cut of material from the moving belt feeder. An adjustable wiper on the cutter ensures that all of the material is deposited into the stainless steel final sample chute. The cutter follows through and is stopped by the motor brake in its original parked position.

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